The Pinion Gallery is formerly an artist-run gallery located in Brooklyn, New York that hosted exhibitions nationally and internationally. Now we are an artist collective who host popup exhibitions in our respective regions: David Mcleish (Japan), Matt Miley (Stockholm), and Finn Gleeson (United Kingdom) See our profiles and portfolio websites below for more information.


David Mcleish lives and works in Japan. He earned an MFA from Florida State University and has exhibited in the US and internationally. David's work deals with both personal diary and story telling, at once. References are drawn from a mixture of memory, architecture, and people encountered along the way. He creates these environments and experiences, to capture the mood of a person who finds himself or herself somewhere unfamiliar and yet familiar.

David Mcleish -


Finn Gleeson is a 4th Dan black belt in Judo and received an MA at Wimbledon School of Art. His work explores the relationships between figuration and abstraction. He lives and works in Bath, United Kingdom.

Finn Gleeson -